Our Story

"It was during a warm summer in 2011 that, thanks to the collaboration with the best Italian professionals in the industry, the first prototype of Pizza Caruso came to exist. From that day many things have changed in order for us to meet our clients’ necessities.
Pizza Caruso is not a pizza like many others, the ‘easy-to-digest’ dough resulting from a long maturation process, controlled and managed by the personnel and created with natural ingredients and without added fat, assures an unmatched lightness and crispness.
The filling and topping are made of the best natural products on the market, such as the 100% natural tomato sauce, the Italian extra-virgin olive oil and the high-quality Mozzarella.

“Klobase”, salsiccia and bacon are produced by us without preservatives or additives, for a more natural product.
All of this is then cooked in electric ovens internally covered in stone, bought in Italy from companies leader in the industry, which assure a perfect cooking thanks to the automated sensors for the control of temperature and cooking levels. This results in a pizza comparable to the ones cooked in a wood-fired oven.

Caruso means Quality, and a continuous growth towards our Customers satisfaction."


About us


Bayerova 6 Brno, 60200 Czech Republic


email: piero@carusopizza.cz
phone: (+420) 720 388 307 


We are open every day, from 10:00 AM till 10:30PM (Su-Th) and till 11:30 during the weekends (Fr-Sa).

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