PMC food, s. r. o.

business address Bayerova 576/6, 602 00 Brno

IČ: 29211999

registered in the Commercial Register administered by the Regional Court in Brno, section C, file no. 65888

for selling goods during on-line shop on website address and during phone order  on number +420720388307


General terms and conditions



General information:

Purchaser – person or natural person who order goods (food and beverage and delivery service during online shop based on electronic form).

Consumer - means any natural person purchasing the products for purposes other than business, sales, artisan or professional activities.

Object of activities:

Object of activities is producing and delivering pizza and other food or beverage near place of business. CARUSO PIZZA  carry on PMC food, s. r. o., Bayerova 576/6, 602 00 Brno.

Opening hours and delivery time:

CARUSOO PIZZA have fixed opening hours which can be changed. Telephonic and online orders are confirm during opening hour. CARUSO PIZZA reserves the right to have minimal price for one order and do not delivery to some destination. Personal purchase is not restrict by minimal price order.

Payment terms:

For products and services is possible pay in cash, by meal voucher (Ticket Restaurant, Sodexo, Cheque Dejeuner) or by credit card. CARUSO PIZZA reserves the right do not give money back if constumer pay by meal voucher. Costumer is obligated to control money after payment. Recent complaint is not acceptable. Every payments are in Czech currency or in Euro in actual exchange rate of CARUSO PIZZA.


Beverage are delivery only with pizza or main food as same dezerts. Costumer can buy only whole cake. CARUSO PIZZA is not selling alcoholic beverage to person under the 18 year.

CARUSO PIZZA have not separate areas for food processing. Allergens can be theoretically contains in all meals.

Delivery orders:

CARUSO PIZZA try to delivery all products and goods in the shortest time as soon as possible. Delivery time is from 15 minutes to 90 minutes. In the case of extraordinery situation (traffic jam, traffic accident, worse weather, theft etc.) could be order delivery later. In this case telephone operator give information about delayded order. This extraordinary situation is not reason for regural complaint. Costumer is obligated to pay for goods whole price.


CARUSO PIZZA recommends to check whole orderduring taking. In the case the order is wrong it is necessary to call on telephone number. If CARUSSO PIZZA breaks own business conditions or quality of food we offer to costumer new mea lor discount. Complaint is acceptable only in same day when it was order.

Protection of personal data:

Constumer and purchaser agree with useing our personal data only for CARUSO PIZZA. CARUSO PIZZA use it for newsletters or with email woth special offers.

Based on law of EET CARUSO PIZZA submit receipts.